I loved the movie in so many ways. The music, the character the plot in the movie also the reference of Anohana…you will not be disappointed with this movie. Thank you Aniplex USA.

- C.P., Chicago IL

Anthem of the Heart was so heart-warming! I watched it in nova scotia. The characters were likable, the music is wonderful (!), and I enjoyed the little twist at the end! Gosh I have the melody stuck in my head. This movie definitely depicted youth in great detail.

- E.C., Nova Scotia, Canada

I saw #AnthemoftheHeart and loved it!!!! I will be going (for my third time) this afternoon to see it again. It was great to see how the class works together and for each of the characters development that occur!!! So good!!!

- H.T., Tempe, AZ

I couldn't find anything wrong with the movie. The sound and animation were on point. Not only was there nothing to dislike about the movie, I actually LOVED most of the parts. The music was really enjoyable, and I was especially delighted when I found out the same composer for the OST of Your Lie in April did the OST for Anthem of the Heart as well! Anthem of the Heart is probably my new favorite movie.

- J.S., San Diego, CA.

This film delivers an emotionally engaging story about young girl Naruse finding her own self through friendships, love and music. A visual feast with a powerful soundtrack. Loved this film!

- B.M., Kansas City, MO

The movie was funny, touching, and happy all at the same time, with a great cast of characters and backstory that grabs you and pulls you right in.

- J.J., Manville, NJ

I absolutely LOVE #AnthemoftheHeart! It is one of the most charming, funny, sweet animes I've ever watched. And Jun's mannerisms when she's not speaking are freaking hilarious!

- R.Z., San Francisco, CA

The movie had a lot of beautiful themes and symbolism, the most prominent being Naruse "breaking out of her shell". I would watch the movie again with a chance to give it more critical analysis, but it was really enjoyable!

- D.V., Los Angeles, CA

Loved the movie.You can really relate to all the characters in some way but "Daiki" was my favorite.

- C.A., San Diego CA

It was my first time watching an Aniplex movie in theatres and definitely will not be my last. I love Naruse's character and believe everyone can relate to her in one way or another. Everyone battles their inner demons and for some it is hard to overcome. The scene where she was finally able to sing what she felt was so touching, it made me cry!

- L.V., Honolulu, HI

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see the movie. I didn't know what to expect when I went in, but I came out moved to tears. I loved the musical numbers and the little bits of humor thrown in here and there. 2.5D indeed. Overall, I enjoyed the movie; so much so that I've already recommended it to a few friends. I'm looking forward to whatever else you have in store for us.

- R.C., Pittsburgh, PA